The Heritage Gardens

Our very own showcase of breathtaking indigenous flora...

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The Heritage Gardens

In the heart of the Constantia Valley, cradled by the bowl of majestic mountains that reach towards the sky with serene grandeur, lies a garden of such beauty it seemed as though it has been conjured from the pages of a fairy tale. This enchanting garden is nestled between two gentle tributaries, the Grootboschkloof and the Spaanchemat, which fill and run in winter, meandering on either side of the garden. Views of False Bay and the spray of the ocean set a dramatic backdrop to the southern views from the garden. Heritage Garden is renowned for its collection of roses, each variety more exquisite than the last. In summer, it is a riot of color and fragrance, the air heady with their perfume, a sweet, intoxicating blend that seems to capture the very essence of beauty and grace. Amidst the abundance of roses, formal hedging carves the garden into a series of intimate spaces, each with its own unique character and charm. The hedges are trimmed with impeccable precision, their crisp, green lines a testament to the gardener's artistry and dedication. On the south side of the garden stands 12 fountains, the water sparkling in the sunlight as it cascades down, creating a haven for visiting birds and providing a soothing backdrop to the garden's visual splendor. Here, our visitors pause and lose themselves in the serene beauty of their surroundings. This garden, nestled in the Constantia Valley and flanked by two guardian streams, is more than just a place of beauty. It is a sanctuary, a haven of peace, safety, and serenity that beckons to all who seek refuge from the chaos of the city. One can dine at any of the nine restaurants, then stroll through this enchanted garden, perfectly complementing their dining experience. The Heritage Garden designer, Mrs. Erasmus, planted and planned with her team of incredible gardeners in April 2022. Most of the plants were grown in greenhouses on the farm with the exception of the roses and olive trees.

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